MSSCP genotyping method introduction

MSSCP (Multitemperature Single Strand Conformation Polymorphism) method is dedicated for minor genetic variants discovery at heterogenic eg. tumor or virological material with down to 0,1% sensitivity

The MSSCP technology relies on the physical property of nucleic acids: single-stranded nucleic acid acquires a characteristic 3-dimensional structure in native conditions depending on its nucleotide sequence. Such structures can be next distinguished by their different electrophoretic mobility resulting from genetic alterations. All kinds of genetic alterations can be detected using the MSSCP technology. No prior need for knowledge of the mutation type is required. This makes MSSCP an extremely useful tool, whenever a large number of samples are screened for known and unknown mutations in single loci.

The DNAPointer System, it is dedicated platform for the MSSCP method and quarantines high genotyping sensitivity and 99% data reproducibility in a time and cost effective manner

The MSSCP analysis of the PCR products covering the exon 1 of KCN1 gene. Wild Type, G226A/WT heterozygotes and G226A homozygotes are visible.