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Molecular biology tools

We offer unique tools for in vitro temperature depended native electrophoresis interaction analysis of: 
  • protein-protein; protein-nucleic acids, protein-membrane  complexes
  • nucleic acids spatial conformation and interaction
  • minor genetic variants discovery and detection down to 0,01% level at heterogeneous clinical and biological material. Applications:
    • Oncology - drug resistant genetic markers discovery and detection
    • Virology - Highly pathogenic strains diagnostics; drug resistant and vaccine escape mutants discovery and detection

Please have a look at our applications list collected at the the References
In collaboration with our academic partners we are developing products for: 
  • Life Sciences R&D market :
    • protein-protein, protein-nucleic acids and protein-ligand interaction analysis based on the ultra precise native electrophoresis (BlueNative and EMSA in 1D and 2D format) followed be a mass spectrometry, Cryo-EM , NMR and NGS
  • analytical and diagnostic market
    • volatile organic compounds table top analytical platform
    • human age estimation based on epigenetic markers methylation level analysis
  • drug discovery projects
    • Scutum O - analytical tool for autologous tumor cell vaccine development
    • Scutum N - recombinant viral vaccine against Newcastle disease for poultry
    • Appus       - autoimmune disease therapy candidate with a positive animal model data