Commet assay

  • For single cell gel electrophoresis

  • Ultra compact

  • Takes up to 20 slides

  • Minimise exposure to light and reduce background DNA damage

  • Inexpensive and easy to replace electrodes ensure minimum repair times

The COMET assay tanks are specialised electrophoresis units for Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis. The units are specifically designed to minimise exposure to light and reduce background DNA damage. Previously, units designed for standard electrophoresis have been used which with their clear construction have not offered an easy to use system.
Constructed from Ebony acrylic to prevent UV degradation, the slides sit on a cooling platform which can be connected to a water supply or chiller for active temperature control and cooling.
Although lid connectors are compatible with most major power supplies, adapters are available to provide complete compatibility.


Cat. no. Description
134-190 Commet Assay Tank for 10 slides
134-196 Commet Assay Tank for 20 slides