Silver Stain Kit

Silver Stain Kit is a rapid, ultra-sensitive and versatile silver stain system for nucleic acids or protein detection in polyacrylamide gels, yielding consistent and reliable results with many 1D and 2D gel types.

BioVectis Silver Stain Kit is a metallic silver (Ag) protein stain that yields a remarkably clear and uniform gel background while delivering consistent, high-sensitivity staining results at each and every use. The protocol has been optimized for flexibility by allowing short gel fixation and staining steps without affecting staining performance (sensitivity or clarity). This feature is beneficial when performing densitometric analysis of silver stained gels.



  • Sensitive silver stain – detect nucleic acids at 5 pg DNA/RNA and proteins at 0.25 ng; equal or better sensitivity than monochromatic metallic silver stains from other suppliers
  • Clear background – method produces intensely-stained protein gels with very low background color, shading or anomalies
  • Robust performance – reagents and protocol are formulated to yield excellent staining results amidst even wide-ranging differences in user technique
  • Rapid, flexible protocol – approx. 1 hour is required to complete the entire default procedure,
  • Gel-compatible – staining performance is very good with a variety of commercial precast mini-gels and SDS-PAGE buffer-systems
  • Workflow-compatible – mild chemical formulation ensures compatibility with mass spectrometry, sequencing and other downstream procedures that depend on destaining and protein recovery



  • Sensitizer, stain, developer and enhancer solutions

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Cat. no.
200-101 Silver Stain Kit RNA/DNA for 25 gels (1 gel - 15 x 15 cm)
200-102 Silver Stain Kit Protein for 25 gels (1 gel - 15 x 15 cm)
200-103 Silver Stain Kit RNA/DNA for 5 gels
200-104 Silver Stain Kit Protein for 5 gels