Protein-protein and protein-nucleic acids complexes

DNAPointer System is a label free platform for protein-protein and protein-nucleic acids complexes analysis based on the ultra-precise native electrophoresis with a word wide uniqe level of samples temperature control during the separation down to 0,2°C level. The protein-protein (PPI) and protein-nucleic acids interaction (PNAI) analysis is done by the BlueNative or EMSA electrophoresis separately. This approach combines analytical and preparative functions and could be used not only for analysis but also for the discovery of protein-protein and protein-nucleic acids complexes elements de novo, when followed by proteins mass spectrometry (MS). In additions, since it's an open system, the analytical conditions (buffers type, ionic strength, pH) could be adjusted to the individual optimal PPI or PNAI conditions.


For example the DNAPointer System was successfully used for binding stoichiometry and kinetics determination of Poly(A)-specific ribonuclease (PARN) and target RNA fragment (Lit. 1) ; HIV protein -RNA complexes analysis (Lit. 2); proteins transport to mitochondria analysis (Lit.3)


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