Minor genetic variants discovery and detection within heterogenic biological material

The MSSCP method disclosed several minor genetic variants presnt at two influenza isolates of this same A/H1N1pdm09 strain

Unique Advantages

MSSCP - Multitemperature SSCP genotyping technique:

Sensitivity > 96%
Reproducibility > 99%
Genetic minor variants detection limit ≤1%
Patented in the US and EU
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Full-scale service

Your time-effectiveness is gained by a complete beginning-to-end solution. After receiving the samples by us every customer participates in the service and finally gets a hard-copy report. In final report you will receive a detailed list of all detected mutations and DNA chromatograms.

Sensitive and fast service for discovery and detection of minor genetic variants can be carried via many pathways. We are giving you a freedom in choosing the best way to a new discovery.


Standard and customized offer

The starting point of service completely depends on you, irrespective of sample type. Let us dress your experiment according to yours whim.